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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Tomorrow is payday but Jerry, Johnny, Jeffery, and Joey are hungry today. They decided to combine their collective financial resources in hopes of finding a decent meal. As they emptied their pockets, they found that Jerry had 3 times as much money as Johnny, but together they only had 1/3 as much as Jeffery and Joey had together.

Man holding out empty wallet

Anyway, they pooled their money in hopes of scoring a 2 foot long pepperoni and provolone sandwich from the local deli but the cost of the sandwich was $3.85 and they were a bit short. Luckily, the store owner felt sorry for them and threw in the extra 33 cents. When they all sat down to enjoy their feast Jerry, Johnny, and Jeffery were all joking because the store owner contributed 3 times as much toward the sandwich as Joey.

Then came the task of dividing the sandwich fairly. It was determined that each would receive a cut of the sandwich based on their individual percentage of the combined 4 amounts.

How much money did Jerry, Johnny, Jeffery, and Joey each contribute and how many inches of sandwich did each receive?

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